What is role weighting?

Role Weights allow you to influence how often a person is put into a role, for a plan.

Multiple Roles

Role weighting makes sense only when a person is in many roles!

When a person is assigned into role, the default weighting is one (1). Assuming they are assigned two roles (with the default weight), they will be on each role about 50% of the time. If they were in three roles, they would be in each 33% of the time, and so on.


Consider a music team: lets assume Dennis is on Drums and Bass, but he's an awesome drummer and I want him on Drums more than bass. In this case I'd set his role weighting like this:

  • Drums: 2
  • Bass: 1 (default)

In this way; he'll be put on drums more1.

See it in action

1Of course; I checked with Dennis first before I made this change :)