Availability defines how often, at most, a person will be put on a schedule.

  • Anytime: a person can be put on at any point. There is no restriction on the number of times they can appear in a schedule/roster.
  • Regularly, Every: Every N weeks/days. e.g: if I set availability to every 3 weeks, then I will be on the roster at most every 3 weeks.
  • Every N in M: A slight modification of the previous option, where you can be on "on average" N times over a period of M weeks.

Every N in M is averaged

Every N in M works using averages. It might be that sometimes a person is rostered on more often than the rule setting, but on average over the entire plan, the rule should hold


Unavailability defines when a person cannot be on, e.g: vacation / holiday dates.

Unavailability can be set using single values, or date ranges.
The planner will not place a person into a role if they are unavailable on that day.

Defined Globally

Currently a persons availability & unavailability are defined globally on the person. This means that at this stage you cannot have differing availability on a per-plan basis.