Roles within Plans

When editing a plan, you can only assign people to roles that have been added to the plan.

Once the roles exist in the plan, you can assign people to various roles that make sense.

Example: I could be assigned two roles: Saxophone and Sound, which would mean I would alternate between those two roles throughout the duration of the plan.

Adding more roles to a plan

To make additional roles available in a plan, you edit the plan and click the Roles & Ordering "change" button.

From here you can add roles that are not in the plan.

Add roles to 'global roles' first

Roles can be added only if they exist in the global data. Add them to the global roles before trying to add them into a plan

Adding a new person into a Plan

To add a new person to a plan, they must first have been added in the global data (much like with roles).

After that, it's simple:

  • Click the 'person plus' button at the top right.
  • Click the checkboxes next to the people you want to add into this plan
  • Click 'Done'