Sharing to Google Sheets

CunningPlan can share a schedule to Google Sheets.

Sharing can be accessed via the '...' dropdown menu, visible on the main page, or from the plan itself.

To share to Google Sheets:

  • Click on the '...' menu.
  • Choose the 'Share' menu item.
  • Sign into Google
  • Select a sheet to share to (it must exist already)
  • Select a tab within the to share to

Desktop Only

At the moment; sharing is only possible from a desktop browser version of the app.


Sharing will overwrite everything in the selected sheet. Make sure you've selected the right one!


A plan can be re-shared/exported at any time.

Once exported; any updates you make to the plan are not exported/shared automatically. You must go to the Sharing page and click the Export button to update the google sheet.