How to delete things

CunningPlan was designed from the start as a mobile first app. As such it adopts many "mobile" usage patterns, such as swiping to reveal menus and the like.

Will change in future

The UI behaviour on desktop is something I'm looking to improve. Expect it to change in an future update. If you've comments or ideas, please drop us a line!

Hey, I've an idea: get in touch!

Swipe left young man

In general, you swipe left to delete anything at all. This works for:

  • People
  • Plans
  • Roles
  • Assignments in the plan (e.g: you've put someone in a role and want to delete them; just swipe the role assignment)

Owners only

If you cannot delete anything, it might be because you're not the owner. Only the organization owner can delete all/any data

See it in action