Your NEXT plan

This is where CunningPlan starts to make your life super simple. Plan duplication.

Assuming you have a published plan, and you want to create another, we need a way to duplicate the plan. Just swipe right on an existing plan to duplicate it. This creates a new plan for you, based on the previous.

From the Plans page

The rationale behind the idea of duplication is that for the most part, plans stay "sort of the same". Most of the time team structure stays largely the same, and the only thing that changes are peoples preferences and their availability. All these can be entered by you, or directly by the members themselves.

Duplicating a Plan

The following happens:

  • A new plan is created; with the same name but a new number (e.g: Fantastic 2)
  • The plans start date will be directly after the previous plans end date. i.e: the plan will directly follow the last plan.
  • The same people, roles and rules exist. They are copied to the new plan.

From the Plans Menu

Duplication is done on the Plans page. Access this via Menu | Plans

See it in action