This is a very rough guide of current intended work. Don't think what's in here is set in stone though. I very much want for the future development to be based on actual user need, so if the app isn't doing something you think it should, get in touch.

Next planned work

  1. Management of Exceptions (people being unavailable short term; swapping people)

The above is a big task in my mind: it combines not only the ability to do such a thing; but a nice UI to wrap it all, meaning I'm going to rewrite the "share full" page.


In no particular order...

  • Settings page, including settings for:
    • Per plan availability / unavailability
    • Reworking Desktop UI to be less "mobile" like
  • Automatically deleting irrelevant unavailability dates
  • Date formatting options
  • Name display options (first/last, last first)
  • Better onboarding experience
  • Link to docs from inside the app
  • Better invite method

Content TODO

  • Demo: Showing you around my own plan
  • Howto: Inviting others to the Organization (so they can manage their own unavailability, preferences)