Plans are the glue that hold People, Roles and a time period together. A plan is used to generate a roster/schedule. It's also where all the cool stuff happens :)

How it works

A Plan is really just a defined date range. This date range is the period that you want to create a schedule/roster for.

In order to create a roster you need people right? So plans contain people.

People also do stuff. So within the plan you assign roles to people.

CunningPlan does the rest :)

Adding a plan

Plans are added through the Menu|Plans page.

To add a new plan: Click the + button on the top right. You'll enter the new plan editor immediately. Plans start with a default duration of three months and repeat weekly. If you want to change the day on which the plan repeats; change it's start date.

A plan has its own local copy of the roles and ordering. When a plan is created it makes a copy of the ordering defined by the global roles.

  • Changing the duration: Click the start/end date buttons and choose the appropriate date.
  • Changing the repeat interval: If your event isn't weekly; you can change this by clicking on the 'repeats every...' "change" button and selecting the interval in days between events.

Duplicating a plan

Duplicate an existing plan: Swipe right on the plan. Press the duplicate button that appears.

A new plan will be created that follows on from the previous. By default, it will span three (3) months.

Deleting a plan

You can delete a plan by swiping left, and clicking the 'Delete' button that appears.


You cannot remove a plan that is being used, or is published